Monday, 24 June 2013

Cold and cosy...........

Its cold in our little old Nelson, in fact I believe its cold in most of NZ at the moment.On Saturday the hills surrounding the city got a thick dusting of snow, it came down quite low and stayed around for most of the day. This is very unusual and a little exciting for us as we don't usually get snow at all!
We decided to go for a walk and soak in the atmosphere, it almost felt like we were on holiday in some little alpine village (one can wish)! On came the merino's, uggs and Puffers. Whilst I was getting Archie ready I noticed that he was wearing an entire mummy made wardrobe, so took the opportunity to snap a few pics!

Merino lounge pants

Merino tee with vintage pocket, long sleeve base layer

 The two tops were made for Charlie and are still going strong a couple of years later. The pants I made this winter for kindy, lovely warm and comfy!
Hope you all had a lovely weekend x

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