Saturday, 28 July 2012

Gardening .......

Almost able to coffee out!
The sun was shining bright today, so we decided to brave the cold and do a spot of gardening. I wanted to get a bit of a head start, and put things in before spring. These had to be frost hardy of course, so Kale, broccoli, mesclun, beetroot and silver beet it was.  We do not have a huge garden, so plant a lot in pots, and in a big concrete planter at the front of the house. Ive also due to lack of space, started planting along the lawn edge, which I guess traditionally would normally be flowers!! Hopefully it works!

We are not pro gardeners around here, but each year we learn a little more and get a little better. We even planted tomatoes from seed last year!! I love looking out the window and seeing the little seedlings do their thing, and always feel a bit of pride when dishing up something for dinner from our garden.

Garlic that self sowed, bonus!
The kids enjoy helping out, and often will have their own little pot where they can grow what ever they like. Charlie planted an avocado stone one year to see what would happen, and now we have a 50cm tree to deal with!
There are still a few things I would like to master, such as composting and companion planting. We do a bit of the latter, but at this stage all out scraps go to our chickens. I'm looking at making a bokashi type system, hopefully this summer!

Archie's favourite garden duty!

I'm certainly not a passionate Gardner, but have slowly learnt to enjoy pottering around outside. I love going out in the middle of summer and picking juicy tomatoes and colanders full of courgettes. This for me makes a bit of weeding every so often very much worth it!

Kale growing amongst the foliage
Hope you are having a lovely saturday, Sarah xx

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