Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Joe ......

I have been really enjoying knitting this winter. I have finally found some patience and have found myself liking the fact that it takes longer to finish something, then it does when you whip it up on the sewing machine!! I love the fact that I can leave my knitting on the side of the couch, and pick it up and do a few rows whenever I have few minits spare time.
I am still very much an amateur, but slowly learning new things enabling me to undertake slightly more exciting projects!
At the moment I'm knitting a hat for Andy ( apparently I never make him anything so I really had to get on to it!). This is take two of the hat, the first one ended up fitting Charlie, important lesson learnt.... Use the right size yarn!! The pattern I'm using is called Joe, from designer Jane Richmond. Ive also made her mitten cuffs, which have come out super cute. I like her patterns as they are really easy to follow and simple, great for beginners. The hat is knit on double pointed needles which was a first for me, now I have gotten past the awkwardness I'm really enjoying it.
I'm about a third of the way done, hopefully it works out fingers crossed!

Joe attempt number 1!

Joe attempt number 2 ....
Do you like knitting?? Id love some suggestions of cool knitting patterns to try ..... Sarah xx

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