Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Mustard Cowl ......

My sister in law is very gifted in the knitting department. She completes the most amazing projects, they always look perfect and flawless. Its the kind of knitting I aspire to do, one day, when I'm not interrupted every two seconds.
The last few times she has visited, she has been working on a cowl. A mustard cowl, two of my currant fav things put together. Last weekends visit, she presented the finished cowl and it was love. I 'borrowed' the cowl all weekend, the wool was gorgeous and soft, it really was deliciousness around my neck!  I was pleasantly surprised when it was 'accidently' left behind!!! Hopefully it has a long Vaca in Nelson!!
 Thanks Renee xxx


  1. Its gorgeous! And you look pretty great too - perhaps you should link up with Wardrobe Wednesday over at ?? :)

    1. Thanks! Ive been thinking about doing wardrobe wednesday, i love checking out everybodys outfits!! Im just worried i wont have enough clothes lol, at least it might make me a bit more creative. How does it work? Blog novice sorry :)

  2. Phwoar, that's beautiful! x