Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Bargains ........

Every Sunday morning, I leave the house at 7.30am, and go to the flea market. I have been doing this for a long time, every so often having to bring children with me, but mostly on my own. Andy and I have an understanding, he gets to play football all Saturday afternoon, and I get to go to the market on Sunday morning, perfect!!
I love it all, walking in to town in the crisp morning air, meeting up with the girls and having a coffee, but most of all the bargains which is the reason I'm writing this post. I come home with a lot of things and I think my family are a bit beyond being interested anymore! Andy gives it a good go, but unless I find something amazing for for him he loses attention pretty quick. So since I always have a huge need to share all my bargains with people, I thought id make this a regular post and share them with you!

 Anyhow I got a great loot this Sunday gone. I'm always on the lookout for new clothes for me at the moment, since I have lost a lot of weight, my wardrobe is looking pretty scarce. I hit jackpot at one stall and ended up with two new pairs of jeans, a cute Witchery top, and a great faux leather Jacket stoked. I also got  three pairs of jeans for the kids, and a couple of tees. All in great condition I must add, ill only buy good labels second hand. Things that are not faded or pilled , and made out of good material. I got this lot for the good old sum of $10, that's right people $10 for EVERYTHING!!

Levis skinnys

Levis and witchery top.


Jacket Dotti

The other things I love getting at the markets are books and fabric. You can find the most amazing vintage fabric, at markets and car boot sales and usually you can get them for a great price. I didnt find any  lovely fabric that day, but I did however get a book that id been wanting to read for a long time, 'Toast' by Nigel Slater. Ive read a few reviews about this book and its meant to be fantastic, I'm really looking forward to reading it.

I only take $20 down to the market, I love the challenge of seeing what I can get with it. It appeals immensely to my need to get most out of my hard earned cash!! I also love the fact that a lot of the stuff you find, no one else has!!!

Well I could harp on for hours on this subject, but I wont bore you too much. The boys have soccer tonight, so I have to be extra organised on a Tuesday, dinners in the crock pot so that's  a good start. Alas there is still washing, tidying, homework .........

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