Thursday, 22 March 2012

Peaches ........

Well yes, two food posts in a row. You get the drift, we really do love our food round here!
The other day I was generously given a huge carrier a bag of Black Boy Peaches. Now funnily enough, I had never come across these beauties, in fact (laugh it up) I didn't even know the flesh was red!! If you are like me and want to learn more, check out this article here, its funny. 
So today I spotted said carrier bag , sitting on the kitchen floor and feeling very guilty of neglect decided I better do something with them!

Google was once again my friend, and apart from the many bottling recipes I found, I learnt that you could make Peach jam BINGO!!. Though I thought I had finished my jam making for the season, I couldn't resist making a few more jars, plus I had never tasted Peach Jam.
Whenever I need baking/ jam/ preserving advice I ring my Mother in law, without fail she will know the answer, or have the recipe, or whatever I need. She pulled through once again today with an easy to follow Peach Jam recipe, thanks Nana x

Peach Jam

2.7 kg's Peaches
600 mls of water
2 kg's Sugar

Stone fruit. Put into preserving pan with water. Cooked slowly till fruit is pulped. (I usually mash the fruit with the potato masher) Add sugar, stir well and bring to the boil. Boil rapidly for 20 mins (mine took about 30), then test.
I halved the recipe and got 3 and half jars of jam.

Jam was made, then eaten still warm (not sure if you are meant to do that) on spicy fruit muffins for afternoon tea. The children got caught in rain shower on their way home from school, so eagerly devoured their warm yummy treat.

In other non food related news. I have cut out a gorgeous, very girly hoodie, that I'm looking forward to stitching hopefully tomorrow. I have picked out Jacks birthday cake, thanks Pinterest, that I will be making tomorrow as well! Fun times xxxx


  1. YUM! I culd just go a piece of jammy toast right now! (I've also never had Black Boy peaches.. must keep an eye out for some, though might be getting a little late in the season now..)
    Also, that cake looks devine!

  2. Yay another black boy peach virgin!! I can now tell you that they are just as delish as everyone kept telling me! And you never know, these ones have only just strted dropping, so you may find some. Ive been following your blog for a while, your stuff is AMAZING!!