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Ive started this blogspot to use as a place to document the many ideas/thoughts/feelings that I face during my journey of being a SAHM.

                                                                        My Boys
I have 3 boys. Jack is 8, Charlie is 5, and Archie is 3. A very loving and supportive life partner, Andy.
The two big boys go to school and Archie goes to morning kindy. Therefor I technically have every morning free of chillens, and should be able to to spend a large amount of that time on my small business of making merino children's clothing (more on that later). Funnily enough that time is quickly filled up with other so called more important things such as school trips, groceries, exercise list goes on... We are just settling into this routine as a family, and I still very much feel that I need to find the happy balance between work and play.
I am Primary Teacher by 'trade', but have not practised since before Jack was born. Teaching has never really been my passion, and I'm not sure I will resume this profession when I do rejoin the workforce. I'm very interested in health and nutrition, so thinking that perhaps combining the two could work. I have another couple of years before I need to make my mind up thank god! In the mean time, I have found myself making and selling merino children's clothing. I have a bit of a passion for kids fashion and found a HUGE gap int the market for funky affordable boys stuff, especially cool merino's.Think brights, stripes and funky colour blocking, mixed with some retro vintage cotton.  Team that with a skinny middle child who was always cold, I started making them myself.

Charlie in a hoodie I made him.

Originally I intended on just building up my own boys wardrobe, but got asked numerous times to start making things to sell. Seeing it as an opportunity to make a little spending money whilst doing something I enjoyed, I decided to roll with it and see what happens. Thus far, it seems to be doing just grand, although a little busy since the cold snap!!

I am currently at the end of a pretty big weight loss journey. It has taken me just over a year to lose 25kg, I still have 5kg to go to get to goal weight, I have done this the good old fashion way, by eating less and exercising more! At present I'm still calorie counting and exercising lots, hoping to get to goal weight before a girls weekend planned for the end of April. I'm quite short so the weight loss has been pretty dramatic for me, lets say it wasn't pretty when I started.  Im finding that so many people are interested  in different aspects of how I lost weight, be it what I'm eating, what exercise I'm doing, how I manage it around the kids. I found it hard to find other kiwi mums weight loss blogs, so thought I would blog a bit about the things that I found really use full. During this time I discovered RUNNING something I never thought I would do! I have grown to really enjoy my runs and feel so much fitter and stronger. I'm hoping to do a half Marathon in Nov so will be training towards that very soon.

Family walk time,,,

Baking bread, reading books, op shopping, keeping our family healthy and free from additives and chemicals, gardening, are all things I will be sharing on the blog, as well as the general ramblings of a mum doing her best. Andy has also shown an interest on perhaps writing a post or 2, so look out for that.....

Homemade ciabatta nomnom

Coffee on the Pirate ship Golden Bay...
Disclaimer: I love photos, but I'm certainly no photographer, and most of the pics I take are taken on my iphone because I'm too lazy to get out the proper camera!!

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