Saturday, 17 March 2012


Charlie my middle child started school late last year. I miss him, I really do. We really get each other, and he's a cool little dude to hang out with. Today I decided it was time we spent some quality time together, out of the house, with no interruptions. He wanted to go for a walk downtown and out for morning tea. I let him lead the way, and off we went......

Down the drive we go....

We stopped and watched the beginning of the Trolley Darby.

We played with the balls at Rebel.

We watched Steamboat Billy go round and round.

He bought a gemstone with his pocket money.

We watched the Mullet Man perform some very fancy tricks.

Pretty impressive!!

We had morning tea at this very old school cafe!


We were out for hours. I had time to listen and felt like we really reconnected, it was great! Charlie had a chance to talk his little head off and got to choose to go where ever he wanted. we didn't rush, just enjoyed each others company.He was happy, I was happy. It really is the small things, sometimes I think I need to remember that.

Now I'm sure there are some rooms round here that were meant to be re-organised today!

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