Friday, 16 March 2012


Today is Friday. I love Friday, for apart from the obvious reasons, its a day I can completely call my own from the hours of 9-3! Archie goes to his beloved Nana's house for the day, and the other boys are at school. Which leaves me to do pretty much what I want, in theory. I try not to fill this day with housework, and general day to day bits. Sometimes it works and other times not so much. I'm sure you other busy mummy's can relate!
Base layer 100% Merino
Base layer and Leggings 100% merino
Relax pants 100% Cotton, Hoodie 100% Merino
Today has been particularly good as I have finally finished the biggest custom order I've ever had! This had been causing a little stress as I wanted to get the order done in a reasonable time frame, but that time frame happened to be one of the busiest weeks id had an ages! I also ended up with the flu (I never get sick) arghhhh stress!!! However, I managed to finish the last piece off this morning, and am feeling really happy with how everything has turned out.

Day bed in our room covered in fabric!!
It will be nice to get our room back, it has had to double as a cutting room for the last two weeks. The bottom rooms in our house got water damaged in the floods last December, so we have had stuff all over the show the last two months. I'm happy to say that the painter is painting as I type (yay), and the new carpet is going down next week (double yay).
Archie wearing Merino hat, and black merino base layer!
Tomorrow we are hoping to do a big clear out in the boys rooms/playroom. Sunday, Andy and I are going on a long run, then I'm hosting our monthly book club so will be baking up some tasty treats in the afternoon. Hope you all have a great weekend!


  1. You are so talented Sarah. I'm going to become a customer!

  2. Thanks Tracee, you know where I am!