Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Anzac Day ........

Today in New Zealand it is Anzac Day. A day where the nation remembers the New Zealand and Australian soldiers who fought during World War 1.
Our town as part of the 'lest we forget' commemorations, created a reenactment of the war. This was held in a heritage park on the edge of the city. The reenactment was made into a 20min film, then was opened to the public today.
We took the boys along and it was truly amazing, a real eye opener. The trenches were so real like with the soldiers moving around and the sound effects, that we had 3 little boys crying before we were halfway through the tour!


Unfortunately I didn't get any good pics in the trenches, as I was too busy consoling crying children! The theatre company did an amazing job in portraying what it would have been like at the time. I think it was a great learning opportunity for the children as well, and helped them understand a bit more the meaning behind Anzac Day.

In other news, I finished my Milo yesterday! This was very exciting for me as its the first thing I have ever knitted apart from a wee hat that didn't work out! Sadly I have no pics, because I made it the wrong size! I didn't measure Archie before deciding what size to make and it has ended up too big! Nevermind lesson learnt, ill just have to knit another! Hope you all had a nice day xx

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