Sunday, 15 April 2012

Sunday .....

Today I went to the market and had coffee with friends. It was sunny, the coffee was good and we gossipped for ages FAB!  I got 3 dresses, a really pretty floral one, a practical merino one, and one I will refashion into a tee. I got all 3 for $4, SCORE!!

Merino dress, nice and cosy!

We took the boys for a bike ride up the river, then an ice cream.

Archie's Fav!

Off to the Trains, Archie's idea of paradise!!

Home we then went for dinner and whilst I was making dinner, decided to make a loaf to use up some of the mountain of feijoas we have at the moment. The boys wanted bikkies, so made some of them as well!

It was lovely to spend the day together as a family. We all seem to be so busy with our own activities, that we make it a priority to have family time on a Sunday. We don't do anything fancy, just hang out and enjoy each others company.

Jack took charge of the  bedtime story!
Tomorrow Andy has the day off, and he is taking all the kids out for the morning so I can have have some uninterrupted sewing time! I'm looking forward to completing some of the orders that I have mounting up, I might even be able to show you some pics!

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  1. the dresses ARE gorgeous! great finds.
    i'm so excited that you get a morning sewing (mind if i live vicariously??) hope it's really productive and relaxing.
    look forward to seeing the pics :)