Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Life .....

Well life has been very busy round here the last few days! My sister and her partner flew in on Saturday for the week, so there has been lots of coffee drinking and gossipping. Andy and the boys were lucky to be invited on a fishing trip out to Durville island, on Sunday. It was a very long day for them, especially wee Charlie who was car sick and sea sick!! They bought home loads of Blue Cod though, that we had for dinner two nights in a row YUM!!!
I have started knitting my very first 'Milo'. Ive been wanting to knit one of these for two years, after drooling over the ones that keep popping up over here! Hopefully I can get it done ready for this winter, I really am such an amateur knitter. Ive been really enjoying my market book 'Toast', will give you a wee review once I'm done.
Two more days of school till the holidays, I can not wait! I really love that time to re connect with the kids, and for everyone to recharge their batteries.
Off to the farmers market now, for lunch and the daily coffee with sister. Then home to make some Easter egg hunt bags!

(These pics have no relavence to the post, just thought id put them on because I hate a blogpost without photo's and because they are cute!)

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