Thursday, 12 April 2012

Sock Monkeys ...............

Faceless sock monkey!

A while ago I stumbled across this tutorial on how to make sock monkeys. I had a quick look at, thought cute i'll make these one day, and filed it away in to favourites.
Cue rainy day, school holidays, and a couple of little boys who wanted to do some craft, I decided it was a good time to give them a go.
So we gathered some socks and got started. The first part of the process where you cut out  the sock, sew the legs and stuff, is great for the kids. Charlie (5) managed to cut round the legs on his own, and they both stuffed stuffed stuffed! This part was fun, and the child participation rate was high!


Whilst they were busy, I had a quick look at what we were doing next. This is where I realised there was a bit more to the project then I originally thought (pays to read the WHOLE tutorial first before starting).  So we sourced some more socks that were needed for arms, legs, tails, ears and a mouth, and started sewing. I was on the machine and the boys were still stuffing each individual item. This is where Archie started losing interest!!

Once this part was done, all the rest was hand sewing and up to me. The boys put a movie on, we all got comfy and I started sewing.Now I'm not the best at hand sewing, so this bit took me  quite a while. If you are used to it, it shouldn't take to long.

Now it was time for a face, apparently none of my buttons were suitable. So Charlie took his faceless monkey to Nana's , and it came back all pimped out!!! He also brought back some eyes for his brother, too kind.

The kids LOVE their monkeys, and have played with them heaps. Jack came home and decided he might even like to make one! All in all it was a fun thing to do, the kids were engaged and involved in quite a bit of it, and the final product wasn't too shabby!!

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