Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Expectations ......

Yesterday I registered for this race. Its a 5k fun run, held on mother's day. I was meant to do a race last weekend, but I chickened out. Now I regret it. The thing is I have NEVER done a race before, and as I have previously mentioned have never seen myself as a race kind of person! I still wouldn't class myself as 'sporty' and have always had this image of people doing fun runs/ races etc as being these great athletes. Anyhow as I have been told numerous times this week, I am a sporty person. I run 4 times a week, and do some sort of workout 6 times a week. I am perfectly able to run a 5k race!!! Funny though how it takes so much longer mentally to catch up with the physical changes.
My other issue is my high expectations, this is a constant problem in many areas of my life but that's a complete different post. I don't want to be last. I want to have a good finish time. I have been doing most of my running training for distance and haven't really focused on pace so much. I can run 14k, but my 5k time isn't great.
Well yesterday I decided to get over it and just give it a try. I read in a running forum somewhere that it was good to set yourself a few goals for the race, in the hope that you will accomplish at least a couple ( depending on all the factors that could affect the run, weather, how you feel etc).
These are mine:
 I want to push myself and run as fast as I can
 I want to finish with a time between 29-31 mins.                                                                                      I want to enjoy the run, instead of being stressed the whole time.
I'm sure that once I get over the not knowing what its like fear, I will love it. I really enjoy running and see races as good motivation and incentive to do better and push myself. Hopefully it all goes well and I can relax and enjoy the rest of Mother's day with my family xxx

Here's Charlie. Nothing to do with the post, but he looks cute, and I need to see cute pics of him atm because he is driving me crazy! Hope this phase is a quick one!

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