Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Race Day .....

Nearly there!

I can see the finish line ....

Finished YEAH!!!
Well I ran the race...... And I loved it!! I was quite surprised by this as I'm not a very competative person, but thinking about it I wasn't really competing against anyone else, I just wanted to better my own time. I came 37th out of 350 odd, so pretty pleased. My 5k time was 29min18 secs, I managed to achieve all the goals that I had talked about in my previous post, stoked!!!

The kids had run a cross country race the day before, and I had told them to try their hardest. When we were watching them race past, their faces all flushed and their arms pumping, you could see that they really were trying their hardest!!! I decided to take my own advice and really push myself during the run and guess what it paid off! The kids and Andy were there watching and cheering me on, it felt great. The kids told me they were really proud of me doing the run, and that next time I would come first lol yeah right!

The rest of the day was pretty low key. Had lunch with the in laws, then headed home to relax and hang out all cosy like in front of the fire, was bliss! Andy surprised me with a special extra mother's day gift (had already got magazine, lollies and cd form the kids), he got me a heart rate monitor. Now this may not sound very exciting to most, but I've wanted one for a while but couldn't really justify the cost. So THANKS HEAPS hun! The best thing was I went for a run this morning and did my workout dvd straight after, and the HRM showed id burned double the amount of calories that id thought id been burning Bonus!!! I hope its right!

Hope you all had a lovely mother's day xxx

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