Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Home Again .......

Wellington was amazing, oh how I LOVE that city. We wined, we dined. We coffeed on Cuba. We browsed in beautiful designer stores where we couldn't afford anything, it was fabulous! I have come home feeling so inspired, the people looked fashionable, the store displays interesting, the city is so vibrant!
But as lovely as the weekend was, it was also very nice to come home to my boys. Andy did a great job as per usual, and apart form a little extra washing, the house was just as I left it YES!!!! 
Easing back in to it the last couple of days, there has been lots of baking  (spicy apple muffins and chewy muesli bars), walnut eating and smashing (the boys favourite part), and running (ME, have to work off the weekends indulgence). Also started watching season two of Game of Thrones, OMG intense!!!
Its nice to be home. Hope you all had a good weekend xxx


My mum came round this afternoon with this super cute teapot for me!!

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