Thursday, 31 May 2012

Girly fun ...

As I mentioned before my sister is down for a wee holiday, as I've also mentioned I like to spend as little money as possible on things. I love bargains, and getting things for cheap!! Anyhow I'm a bit of a shocker for maintaining my hair/ beauty regime. I always seem to have something better to spend money on, and before I know it, I have brown hair and bushy eyebrows!!
Last night we decided to have a pamper night. Jessie said she would foil my hair, and we would do our eyebrows and nails.  So off to the supermarket for some foil and some dye ...
Not sure why I actually let my 23 year old sister near my hair with scissors and bleach, but she actually did a pretty good job, and it was fun, and it was cheap! Right up my alley basically. The hair took ages to do, so we didn't get round to doing our eyes and nails, might have to do round two tonight. Wish I had a before pic, it was actually brown. The colour's not too bad considering she's an amateur!! Hopefully my hairdresser doesn't think she has ruined it next time I go and see her... in a year lol!

Such fun hanging out with my sister, we talk and laugh nonstop. Now she does my hair too, and buys me coffee,  and looks after my baby so I can go for a run!! Yay for sisters xxx

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