Saturday, 5 May 2012

Sport ..........

So my family likes sport..... ALOT!!! Andy and Jack could spend hours talking about sport, watching the sports news every night is great fun you get the drift!!! My mother thinks its hilarious that I have ended up with 3 boys, especially ones that are full on physically. I was such a girly girl when I was younger and hated exercise lol.
Anyhow I digress .... Sport is big in our household, basically its the main interest. Andy has played Soccer for years, he still plays now and coaches Jacks team. Charlie plays as well, so that's 3 games in one day. The boys also love mountain biking, tennis, basketball shall I go on?  Soooo I've chosen to embrace it. I decided that if I wanted to spend any time with my family that I would have to learn to love the things that they do. We now cycle together in the weekend, Jack and I go for runs, we go for many family walks!! The kids love it, it burns off excess energy, I must admit I don't mind it too much either!! Its good healthy clean fun and its free! Thankfully my boys also love to do craft, read, bake and other more sedate activities..... just not as much as they love sport!!!!!
Our weekend sports activities so far:
Watching the Giants game:


Like father like son

 Saturday morning soccer:

 I only got as far as Charlie's game before I met up with a few friends who were going out for coffee and got a bit sidetracked. I'm not totally committed to the soccer mum thing quite yet, it was a bit to easy to sway!

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