Friday, 11 May 2012

Happy Days ......

The last couple of days have been Happy days. Days where I feel like I have accomplished things other than the normal day to day tasks. They have also been well balanced days, which is important to me as a Libran! A good balance spent on family, on myself and on crafty goodness.

Yesterday I hit a big milestone on my weight loss journey. I stood on the scales and realised Id lost 30kgs, since beginning in January 2011. I was pretty stoked, its left me with only a few kilos left to go to hit 'goal' though feeling pretty good as I am so will just see what happens. I'm hoping to get brave enough to do a post with some before and after pics. I LOVE looking at peoples before and after pics, just not so sure I want to share my own.... watch this space!

I also spent some time downstairs reconnecting with my sewing room. This room has been in a shambles for the last few weeks, as we had new carpet put it. Its starting to look a bit more organised and pretty again, and I can feel some inspiration coming on. Another Libra trait of not being able to do anything if the room isn't tidy or organised!! In fact I almost finished both my mother's days gift Ive working on, which I'm  pleased about because for a while there  I thought I was being a bit too ambitious and wasn't going to get them done! ( I will post finished pics once the mother's have received them, don't want to ruin the surprise)

This morning I went and saw a herbalist who made me up a tincture to help me sleep. Ive been sleeping so badly for a while now, its starting to have effect on my life in a bad way. This tincture is full of herby goodness such as kavakava, lemon balm, chamomile and lots more I cant thing of at the moment. Here's to some sweet dreams happening tonight!

Had a lovely lunch with my mum, where we feasted on delicious miso soup and salmon don, and now I'm about to tidy the house and make some Slutty Brownies in preparation for Book Club tonight.
I'm feeling content, like I'm doing my 'job' as a sahm well at the moment. Sometimes as you all probably know it gets so chaotic and you just feel like your running around doing a million things without actually achieving anything! Its always those bitsy things that get me as well, all the little jobs. Anyway I was just thinking today how things had been going pretty smooth the last few days, and thought it was worth blogging about!!

Its cold and grey out today so thought I would pop this pic up of our holiday in Hanmer last year, twas nice and warm then!

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  1. Hi, just come across your blog via the kiwi mums blog. Loved reading some of your posts, great blog, thanks for sharing :)