Monday, 28 May 2012

With Love......

Brrrrr its getting cold in the mornings round here. Lucky for us Andy's mum (nana) is a top notch quilter and has made all the kids a cute wee lap quilt each to keep them cosy. While we were at her place on Sunday for lunch (yes she made us a full sunday roast as well, how lucky are we!) she was stitching the last bit of binding in place for Jack's quilt.

He loves it, especially the spacemen and rockets, typical boy! Quilting is something I think I could enjoy, if I ever get brave enough to try. In the mean time I have selected some fabric, for Nana to make me a lap quilt as well. Thanks Nana xxxx

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  1. Quilting can be awesome fun and beautiful, I haven't sadly done any for a few years whilst I have been growing my 2 boys, but when they are a little older and don't want mum so much then I know I will get back into it soon